6. září 2012 v 16:34 |  Me
So, I set up new blog about me, about diet, about losing weight. I realised that sharing troubles and successes in my life helps me be stronger. I also need reading your articles about your life and about your diet. We are on the same boat. And If we work together and help one another, we will be stronger :).
So, I want lose 15 kilograms,
but with my apetite It won´t be easy. I love sports - running, rollerblading, cycling and also fitness, but I eat like a pig. Terrible. But It will change. Today I ate banana, white yoghurt, bebe cereals, Mila waffle (?!?), bun with chinese cabbage, tomato and cheese. I went running for 40 minutes. I promise to myself and also to you that It will be better. It must be better... to looks pretty. So, the first target is good weight at the date 14th September. It is date of big party and I want look sexy, I hope that my weight will drop on 75 kilograms. So, go do something! Not only sit at the PC. See U !!! :) Bye Sophie

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6. září 2012 v 12:11 |  Thinspo

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